Addressing the Three R's in a Kindergarten Classroom


What does it mean to recycle?  What sorts of things do you recycle at home?  What does it mean to 'go green'?  I asked these questions to my kindergarten class, wondering their initial thoughts about the importance of recycling and its connection to global responsibility.

Originally a unit on global warming, the needs and interests of my students, cooperating classroom, and resources available to me, quickly transformed the unit focus to Three R's and their effect on our surrounding global community.

In my kindergarten placement, I was afforded the opportunity to teach a three-week unit during the weekly social studies block.  I was able to teach the majority of the lessons, including the following: Introduction, Global Impact, Recycled Art, and Youth Service Day.

While developing my final unit, I spent time reflecting on the lessons I led with the students.  I identified necessary changes, and expanded the lessons to include activities I would lead in my own classroom. The lessons I've presented include adaptations and additions, but do not deviate conceptually from the originals.


- Jenna L. Garnett